New RJ 101 & RJ 201 Sessions Open for Registration


May 20: RJ 101

9:00AM to 12:00PM | Online via Zoom | $25, Registration Required

During this session, we will deconstruct the juvenile justice system (why and how it is often harmful), and how we replicate many of its elements in our diversion processes. We will also see how Restorative Justice speaks to the failures of our justice system and allows us to operate in a way that is consistent with research about how the developing minds of young people work. We will also explore how trauma interrupts development and impacts children's behavior. This workshop will give participants a deeper understanding of what restorative justice is and how it differs from our traditional systems while still getting the outcomes we want. Space is limited to 35 participants. REGISTER

May 21: RJ 201

9:00AM to 12:00PM | Online via Zoom | $25, Registration Required

Expanding on our RJ 101, this more advanced session will help participants learn the skills that support restorative justice. We will learn and experience specific communication skills, the use of the circle process, and how these practices interact with the adolescent brain. We will discuss specific strategies to bring these issues to diversion work. Pre-requisite: Restorative Justice 101 or other recent RJ training. Space is limited to 35 participants. REGISTER

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